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Notification Inter-Cadre transfer

  • Reg. Appointment Notification Md. Abdullah (Date of Birth 11.05.1964).(E)
  • Reg. Appointment Notification Md. Abdullah (Date of Birth 11.05.1964).(H)
  • Reg. Notification regarding transfer of Ms. Amanat Mann, IPS (UP:2013) from Uttar Pradesh to Tamil Nadu on marriage grounds..
  • Reg. Inter-cadre transfer of Ms. Loganayagi Divya V. IPS (WB:2013) from West Bengal to Odisha on the grounds.
  • Reg. Inter-cadre transfer of Shri Raj Karan Nayyar, IPS (WB:2012) from West Bengal to Uttar Pradesh on the grounds of his marriage with Ms. Sujata Singh, IPS (UP:2012).
  • Reg. Inter-cadre transfer of Ms. Shivani Tewari, IPS (WB:2011) from West Bengal to Jharkhand on the grounds of her marriage with Shri Prashant Anand, IPS (JH:2013).
  • Reg. transfer of Shri Dayama Harish Omprakash, IPS (J&K:2014) from J&K to the IPS cadre of Punjab on marriage grounds.
  • Inter-cadre transfer of Shri Ashutosh, IPS (TR:2014) from Tripura to Madhya Pradesh
  • Inter-cadre transfer of Shri Ram Chandra Rajguru, IPS (BH:2013) from Bihar to Uttarakhand
  • Inter-cadre transfer of Ms. Yangchen Dolkar Bhutia, IPS (AM:2013) to Madhaya Pradesh
  • Notification reg. transfer of Shri Arpit Jain, IPS (TN:2014) from Tamil Nadu to Haryana on marriage grounds
  • Notification reg. Inter-Cadre transfer of Ms. Swati Bhangalia, IPS (SK:2013) from Sikkim to West Bengal.
  • Notification reg. Inter-cadre transfer of Shri Vikrant Patil, IPS (TN:2012) from Andhra Pradesh to Tamil Nadu on marriage grounds.
  • Notification No.I-11014/02/2016-IPS.IV
  • Notification No.I-11014/14/2015-IPS.IV
  • Notification No.1-11014/16/2015-IPS.IV
  • Notification of inter cadre transfer of Ms. Preeti Priyadarshini, IPS (UP:2012) from UP to Uttarakhand on marriage ground.
  • Inter-Cadre Transfer of Ms. Vahini Singh, IPS (PB:2014) from Punjab to Madhya Pradesh
  • Notification No. 1-11014105/2015-IPS.IV
  • Inter-Cadre Transfer of Shri Aman Singh Rathore, IPS (OD:2014) from Odisha to Madhya Pradesh on marriage grounds
  • Inter-cadre Transfer of Ms. Swapana Meshram, IPS (HP:2011) from Himachal Pradesh to Bihar
  • Notification regarding transfer of Shri Arun Ranga Rajan, IPS (CH:2012) from Chhattisgarh to Karnataka
  • Notification No.1-11014/03/2015-IPS.IV
  • Notification No. I-11014/9/2012-IPS.IV
  • Distribution of IPS officers borne on joint cadre of MT between Manipur and Tripura.
  • Inter-cadre transer of Shri Sunil Joshi, IPS (OD:2010) from Odisha to Gujarat cadre of IPS on grounds of marriage
  • Notification No.I-11014/09/2014-IPS.IV
  • Notification regarding Inter-cadre transfer of Shri Kaliraj Mahesh Kumar, IPS (J&K:2005) from Jammu & Kashmir cadre to Kerala Cadre.
  • Notification regarding transfer of Sumer pratap singh IPS from U.P to Haryana
  • Notification reg. transfer of Shri G. Shashank Sai, IPS (MH:2012) from MH to TN
  • Notification No.I-11014/12/2013-IPS.IV
  • Notification No.I-11014/11/2013-IPS.IV
  • Notification No.I-11014/13/2013-IPS.IV
  • Notification regarding inter-cadre transfer of Shri Parminder Singh, IPS (UP:2011)
  • Notification regarding Cadre Transfer of Shri Rajwant Pal Singh, IPS(AP:1985)
  • Notification of inter-cadre transfer of Shri Jai Yadav, IPS (AGMUT:2012)
  • Notification-Inter Cadre transfer of Ms Chandan Chaudhary
  • Notification No.I-11014/04/2013-IPS.IV
  • Notification No. I-11014/06/2013-IPS.IV
  • Notification No. I-11014/05/2013-IPS-IV
  • Notification No. I-11014/02/2011-IPS-IV
  • Notification No. I-11014/02/2013/IPS-IV
  • Notification No. I-21021/03/2002-IPS-III/IV
  • Notification No. I-11014/02/2013-IPS.IV
  • Notification No. I-11014/08/2012-IPS.IV
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