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Civil List
Returns filed under Lokpal Act, 2013
Immovable Property Return (IPR)
SPARROW/Performance Appraisal Report(PAR)
Civil Service Examination
Appointment by Promotion SPS TO IPS
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  1. Interpretation, clarification and processing of matters concerning the following Rules/Regulations pertaining to the Indian Police Service and considering proposals for amendments therein:-
    • IPS (Cadre) Rules, 1954 (other then Rule 2,5and 6 concerning deputation/change of Cadre of IPS officers).
    • IPS (Fixation of Cadre Strength) Rules, 1954.
    • IPS (Probation) Rules, 1954 (in respect of promotee officers)
    • IPS (Recruitment) Rules, 1954 (in respect of appointment by promotion).
    • IPS (Appointment by Promotion) Regulations, 1955.
    • IPS (Regulation of Seniority)
    • Rule 11(7) of IPS (Pay) Rules, 2007
    • Rule 3(2) (ii) of IPS (Pay) Rules, 2007
  2. Holding of Selection Committee Meetings and preparation of Select Lists.
  3. Appointment of State Police Service Officers to IPS from the Select Lists.
  4. Fixation of inter-se-seniority of State Police Service Officers appointed to IPS.
  5. Holding of quinquennial Cadre Reviews of IPS Cadre and revision of the cadre Strength
  6. Compilation / preparation of Civil List of IPS Officers as on the 1st of January annually.
  7. Dealing with Court cases arising out of promotion of State Police Service Officers into Indian Police Service and fixation of seniority of State Police Service Officers in the IPS.
  8. Conveying approval of the Central Govt. to the State Govt. for creation/operation of ex-cadre posts at all levels, holding of Cadre posts etc.
  9. Confirmation of promotee IPS officers in the IPS
  10. Dealing with cases relating to change of date of birth.
  11. Dealing with cases relating to modification/change of name etc. of IPS officers.
  12. Reports about death of IPS officers.
  13. Any other item of work specifically assigned
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