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The authorized strength of Indian Police Service of any state comprises of two components namely DR Quota and Promotion Quota. Direct recruit IPS officers come through Civil Services Exam conducted by the UPSC whereas State Police Service officers are inducted into IPS against Promotion Quota.

Recruitment against this promotion quota is a little lengthy process wherein three stake holders are involved. These stake holders are the State Government concerned, the Union Public Service Commission and the Central Government. The roles of all these three stake holders are well defined in the Indian Police Service (Recruitment) Rules, 1954, Indian Police Service (Appointment by Promotion) Regulations, 1955 and IPS (Regulation of Seniority) Rules, 1988

The process starts from the determination of the vacancies by the Central Government against the promotion quota of any state for a particular calendar year. After this determination, the State Government concerned forwards a proposal to the UPSC containing the details/records of the State Police Service officers in the order of their seniority. Thereafter the UPSC convenes a meeting of all the three stake holders which is known as ‘Selection Committee Meeting. This Selection Committee scrutinizes the records/ ACRs and other details of SPS officers thoroughly and as per the provisions of Regulation 5(4) of the promotions Regulations.

The Committee records its recommendations in the shape of ‘Minutes’ which are signed by each member and the Chairperson. These minutes are first sent to the State Government concerned which in turn forward these to the Central Government after its concurrence. Central Government also examine the minutes and convey its concurrence to the UPSC. Finally these are placed before the Commission. The Commission convey their approval to the Central Government which is the cadre controlling authority for the Indian Police Service. Thereafter, the Central Government appoint those officer into Indian Police Service who are included in the Select List unconditionally exactly in the order in which their names appear in the Select List. The Select List and the appointment both are notified by the Central Government in the official Gazette. Subsequently, these promotee IPS officers are granted batch year of the IPS in terms of the IPS (Fixation of Seniority) Regulations by taking into account the length of service rendered by the officer in the State Police Service.

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