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Civil List
Returns filed under Lokpal Act, 2013
Immovable Property Return (IPR)
SPARROW/Performance Appraisal Report(PAR)
Civil Service Examination
Appointment by Promotion SPS TO IPS
Other Circulars/Orders


  • Cadre Controlling Authority of Indian Police Service (IPS).
  • Matters relating to IPS officers under IPS (Pay) Rules, 2007.
  • Matters relating to IPS officers under All India Service (Conduct) Rules,1968.
  • Matters relating to IPS officers - Departmental proceedings, suspension etc. under AIS (D&A) Rules, 1969.
  • Matters relating to IPS officers under AIS (Leave) Rules, 1955
  • Matters relating to IPS officers under AIS (Study Leave) Regulations, 1960.
  • Review of cases of IPS officers beyond 50 years of age under rule 16(3) of AIS (Death-cum-Retirement Benefits) Rules, 1958.
  • Matter relating to IPS officers under ACR/PAR Rules, 2007 and consideration of appeals/memorial made under these Rules
  • Matters relating to IPS (Uniform) Rules, 1954.
  • Settlement of Group Insurance claims of IPS officers under AIS (Group Insurance) Rules, 1981.
  • Matters relating to pension and promotion of IPS Officers
  • Grant of cadre clearance, vigilance clearance of IPS officers
  • Complaints against IPS officers.
  • Matters relating to grant of sanction of prosecution to IPS officers under the P.C. Act/Cr. P.C.
  • Maintenance of Annual Property Returns of IPS officers.
  • Maintenance of ACR/PAR dossiers and Executive Records Sheets of IPS officers.
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